Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Driving to Denali State Park

The trip Saturday to Denali State Park was relatively uneventful - the changes in Wasilla since we first did this route in 1978 are large, but not more so than other cities in the world since then. 
Joe Miller people were waving their signs in Wasilla.  And we have three more months until the primary!

Tourists were packaged in buses, trains, and RV's.

The State Troopers were pulling over speeders and our windshield was streaked from our windshield wiper.

And, of course, there was highway construction.  

A patch of newly paved highway with wide shoulders.

And even some highway that looked vaguely reminiscent of the old days.  

We stopped at Mile 135 to one of the worst cloud covers of Denali we've ever seen. (We've been relatively lucky at this spot over the years.)  But the walk to the viewpoint at the relatively new stop was still good for our legs and a view of the Chulitna and the clouds covering Denali.

From there it was a short ride to the State Park.  I'll post pictures of that in another post. 

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