Sunday, June 20, 2010

Downtown Happenings on Gray Drizzly Saturday

We went downtown to  check out the Juneteenth Festival and the Solstice activities yesterday.  It was pretty gray with light mist coming down now and then and finally rain when we left.  But it didn't seem to bother anyone.  People were having fun.

People waiting for the next band to play.

The Rollergirls were still there, but we missed the show.

Audrina from The Hills was there for photos and there was a steady line of people.

And the reindeer sausage folks were out. 

Non-motorized activities kept the kids busy.

At 4th and F there was a series of different dance demonstrations.

There's a new Cake Shop on 4th.

A block of Corvettes on display

The Juneteenth celebration on the Park Strip was pretty sleepy.

The ACLU and the Alaska Right to Life had adjacent booths.

More non-motorized fun for the kids

Even on a gray day, it was fun to stroll around downtown and see people we knew and people we didn't.  Then we stopped at the museum which we haven't seen since the opened the new exhibit halls while we were gone.  Another post for that. 

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  1. My TA was down at the old city hall, helping the out-of-state alternative rock band with their setup. He described the event to me yesterday. Your photos, combined with his raucous description, make me feel like I was almost there. Thanks.


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