Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Packing And Last Minute Pre Trip Stuff

All the normal rushing around before a long trip.

Did we remember all the things we need to take?  Is it too much?  (We always try to keep everything down to two carryon rolling suitcases and two backpacks so we can always handle our own stuff.)

Meanwhile the guy who replaced our old front steps - great job - was gone for the winter by the time the railing was finished in October.  So he's back in town.  Was coming Monday night, but we had a funeral to attend.  Then yesterday morning, but never made it.  He just called, he's coming now.  (He's here! Yeah!)

And my wristwatch screen went blank last night with a tiny REM on the screen, which I assume means I should replace the battery.  I got the screws out this morning so I could see what kind of battery I need.  (Yes I bought a kit of tiny screw drivers long ago and it's occasionally useful.) But one screw escaped. [Recaptured!]

I'm excited.  As much as I like to have everything planned out, I know that lots of surprises will occur.  Good ones as well as minor (I hope) ones.

This afternoon we head for LA,  Friday night for Argentina.  Still trying to get what I need from my laptop onto the new iPad. And figure out how to use the iPad.  It's Apple enough that it's no big surprises.

I keep updating notes for the house sitter as new issues arise.  Tried to get a library book back to the library last night, but their new automatic drop off system said something like 'waiting for sorter.'  Is that a human being?  After hours?

So that's why I don't have more.  But here are some presents from the garden.

First daisy bud opening yesterday.

The lilacs close.

And these little blue flowers whose name I once knew.


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