Saturday, June 15, 2019

Crossing the Andes

Lima was under a heavy layer of clouds.  But there was a break going over this desert-like area of the coasts.  By this time we must have 30 or 40,000 feet.  That surf had to be pretty big to see it from the plane. The whole area here looked barren and it made me think of a story I read in a book about an early Peace Corps volunteer in a small village on the coast of Peru.  He related that stories about early Spanish ships trying to land on the coast but it was uninhabitable and the locals fought them off and said they must come from a terrible place if they wanted to land here.

br /> soon we were over just clouds and the captain announced that everyone needed to stay in their seats while we crossed the Andes. But we were over beautiful fluffy white cloud banks. Then we hit some openings in the clouds and I took these photos

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  1. Just read of the massive power outage in Argentina. Good timing as it will make a good read. Have fun!


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