Saturday, June 01, 2019

Go-Nuts, Do-Nuts At the Anchorage Downtown Weekend Market

A friend invited me several weeks ago to come to the weekend market to see his do-nut stand.  I finally made it today.

Do-nuts are not a temptation and haven't been for years.  Some foods I'm able to put on my mental do-not-eat list because of their negative nutritional value.  But I'm not an absolutist.  I did have a hot malasada in Maui last year - as a nostalgia snack.  And today I bought a "baker's dozen"  - there were a lot more than twelve of the little guys.  They were good.  But look at all that fat they're swimming in.

But the machine that carries them from dough ball to do-nut, is made in Minnesota.

I also met Jessica who was trying to take short videos of the do-nuts being flipped over for her instagram site.  She must have more than one because the link on the card she gave me gets you pictures of dogs of Alaska.  (Good pics, btw.)

Then I wandered around looking at what else is there.  Since the market is walking distance from the downtown hotels, it's always full of tourists from around the world, though there were a lot of empty spaces.   There are some Alaskan artists and craftspeople as well as imported kitsch.

And prices all around seem a bit steep.  But my 'normal' range was set long ago and is resistant to inflation.  $23 for a styrofoam box of deep fried battered halibut seems wrong.  But I'm guessing no one gets rich selling stuff at the market.

Well, let me check how much halibut costs in actual restaurants where they serve you on a plate and at a table.

Humpy's has something close: 
Alehouse Halibut and Chips  18.99
Alaskan halibut, dipped in humpy’s famous ale batter, and flash fried to perfection. Served with our zesty alehouse made tartar sauce.
But do you get as much halibut?  There's a lot in that white box.

Simon and Seafort  (dinner) has a much fancier halibut dish for a lot more:
Crab & Macadamia Nut Stuffed Halibut* Mashed Yukon potatoes, seasonal vegetables 39
F Street Station has something similar for quite a bit less, but we don't know how much halibut:
Beer Battered Alaskan Halibut Or Shrimp $15.50
chunks of alaskan halibut or shrimp, deep fried with a beer batter crust to a light golden brown, served with tarter sauce, lemon and fries

I'm also wondering how many people can tell the difference between halibut and cod when it's deep fried like this.

This was a booth from the Chugach Mountain Quilters Guild.

There was a lot more at the market, but that's all I've got for you.  Hope your weekend is going well.


  1. My life ended when some clown invented macadamia nuts. Yuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck!

  2. I know there must be a story here. Just can't figure out what it is.

  3. In the 70's, I was told by a native Hawaiian that prior to selling macadamian nuts to tourists they were used mainly as pig food.
    Anyone who can't tell the difference between cod and halibut has probably been eating ludekafisk their whole life. Cod is oily!


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