Saturday, May 11, 2019

At Least Republicans Don't Have The Supreme Court As An Excuse To Vote For A Madman In 2020

Trying to find some silver linings and it occurred to me that in 2016 there were lots of reports of conservatives holding their nose to vote for Trump with the excuse that it was about the Supreme Court (more often than not, about abortion.)
Well, with a 5-4 majority, that excuse should be off the table.  But then that assumes some modicum of decency and reason.

That's all.  It's Saturday.  Get off your computer and get some fresh air and make the world a better place.  Try smiling or at least nodding as you pass by a stranger.  Add positive energy to the world.


  1. Wingnut Mitch McCTurtle has weaponized the judiciary with all these lightly qualified, but extreme right wing ideologues in lifetime positions. Their mission is to replace congress and rule by wingnut fiat.

  2. One more thing about the Scotus, wingnuts want RBG's seat so bad they can taste it. She is Kryptonite to wingnuts and they flat out hate her. I can see them tossing out CJ Roberts if he doesn't toe the conservative wish line.


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