Tuesday, September 06, 2016

France's Most Celebrated Immigrant

Apropos the earlier discussion of the Museum of Immigration in Paris as well as the current immigration issues in Europe, I thought I'd add these pictures of Napoleon's Tomb.

There are three main levels at Napoleon's Tomb - street level, down one where the tomb is, and up one to the chapel under the large church dome.

The bottom picture of the tomb was taken from the street level.
The Dome From Outside

The middle picture is from the bottom level.  It shows the tomb from below and up to the chapel, which has orange glass windows that color the setting sun's light an orange glow.

The top picture looks up to the dome.

Napoleon was buried in 1815 on the island of St. Helena where he was exiled.  His ashes were exhumed and brought to Paris in 1840.  But it wasn't until 1861 that the tomb was completed and ready for his ashes.

And here's a map to put some of the Paris posts into perspective.

A = the Eiffel Tower
B =  Napoleon's Tomb
C =  Rodin Museum and Garden
D = Pont Alexander III
E = Quai Branley Museum (coming)

All of these are close enough to walk if you're reasonably fit.

[History and map from Historvius]

[Some might legitimately question whether Napoleon was an immigrant.  See #1 at History.com for more on this.]

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