Thursday, September 01, 2016

Check That Suspicious Link

I had a bizarre comment on my latest post.  It was a url.  It was enough to get me to call my email provider and ask some questions that got me to the security folks.  We think it was harmless, but I changed passwords.  But it did lead to him pointing out a website that checks suspicious url's for malware, viruses, etc.

I thought that was a cool thing to know, so here it is:

Yeah, you have to think about checking that link I just gave you, don't you.  But you have to go there to check it.  Such dilemmas.  But I've got you covered.  I already did it and here's what it said:

I am working on Part 2 of The Uncanny Valley and Paris Museums post, but it's by warm and sunny in Anchorage and it's complicated, so this is a break.  In fact I may leave it for a couple of days before I get it up.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Steve!
    Thanks a million for the information. Will definately share it.


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