Saturday, July 02, 2016

Where Are The Oldest Buildings In Anchorage?

According to the Crow Creek Mine brochure, they're at Crow Creek Mine.

The sign says, "Commissary 1898."  Of course, there was no Anchorage at the time and I'm pretty sure that Crow Creek Mine didn't become part of the Municipality of Anchorage until the Borough and the City merged to become the Municipality of Anchorage in 1975.

So, we could argue that the oldest building in Anchorage ought to be the oldest one put up inside the city limits of Anchorage at the time it was built.  Or that the oldest buildings that are within the boundaries of the present Anchorage qualify, as Crow Creek Mine has.

Here's another of those buildings at Crow Creek Mine.  Took visiting relatives there Saturday because one of them wanted to pan for gold.

For $20, you get a gold pan, a shovel, a bucket, gold panning lesson, and a little seeded gravel so everyone goes home a winner.  I decided to be the observer.  But our family got some gold.

More importantly, they had fun.

Here's a bit of old pipe that was lying on the river bank.  

We also did the hike in to the tram afterward and checked out the Winner Creek gorge before heading home.

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