Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Salmon Back In Campbell Creek

My three year old granddaughter had two goals for her first trip to Alaska.

  • To climb a mountain and touch a cloud.
  • Go biking with grandpa.
Sunday she got to climb up a mountain at Arctic Valley and a cloud touched her.  

Yesterday some friends brought a child carrier and hooked it to my bike, but they didn't have a helmet for her.  There were some tears.  We did a little short practice ride and that was ok.  Then when she was in bed, her brother and I went out and bought a child's helmet.  

This morning we had our ride scheduled.  And even thought it was raining, we were headed out.  And when we crossed one of the bridges on Campbell Creek, we stopped to see if the salmon were running.  And low and behold, they were.  One of the wonders that makes living in Anchorage so special.  

I wasn't sure my little camera would be able to catch the fish through the reflection and under the water, but with a little computer help - higher contrast and saturation - you can see them just fine.  Riding in the light rain was great!  We both had a wonderful time.  

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