Friday, July 29, 2016

My First Sweet Pea Is Pink

Back on May 2 this year, I posted a picture of my first sweet pea shoots popping out of the soil.  Or so I thought.  It soon became apparent that I'd mixed up the sweet pea and nasturtium seeds.  The nasturtiums have been blooming a while.  I planted more sweet peas right away, and apparently there were some sweet pea seeds planted around the time I planted the nasturtiums.  Anyway, I'm glad the sweet pea is blooming while my granddaughter is visiting for a quick trip with her mom.

I'd like to note how spectacularly beautiful and pleasant the weather has been, but non-Alaskans read this too and I wouldn't want anyone getting the wrong impression and think about moving up here.  Though I suspect with global warming and summers south of here getting seriously hot, there are people who will figure out that we're getting the best weather they used have to have.  And while we may be running out of oil, we're going to have the best weather on the planet before long.  So maybe the folks who came here to get rich will go home, and the rest of us can enjoy Alaska for what it is.


  1. My first one was purple! And yes, the summers have been pretty nice but the last two winters were very dark and un-snowy, so it's kind of a toss-up.


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