Saturday, March 19, 2016

Real Snow

Compared the the anemic snow we had earlier this week, today it's been snowing steadily all day.  I swept - yes the broom was easier with the two or three inches of light fluffy snow - the driveway and sidewalk this morning.

Here's a glimpse of the snow in the backyard.

And then this afternoon I shoveled another five or six inches that accumulated since the morning.

The equinox officially begins here this evening.


  1. That's more like the Alaska I grew up in! being the first day of Spring, no less. Tugs on the heart, it does.

    1. These 'spring' snows are nice because I know the days are getting longer and the snow can't last too much longer.

  2. Is the video in black and white?

    John Benn and I live in Ottawa and very often have similar weather to you. Newcomers from Australia (for example) arriving in winter say they only see black and white. Gradually their eyes adjust.

    The periwinkle of shadows in high winter is my favorite. We took a winter shadows painting of John's to have the colour scanned by the paint store & reproduced in paint for our bedroom. It is a color warm in winter and cool in summer.

    John is an oil painter who paints in the woods 5 days a week, through every season. To him, even snow is a riot of colors.

    We had a very late snow season -- John lost 6 weeks of painting snow. For all that Canadians bitch about it, they sure love to buy winter paintings for their walls.

    1. Nope. It's in color - look at the bark on the birch trees. You might want to check out this old "black and white day" post.


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