Sunday, March 06, 2016

Three Salad Plate And Lentil Soup at Aicha Morrocan Cuisine

From Seattle, a quick weekend trip to San Francisco to see our grandson and his parents.  Keeping us busy, but while he was headed home for a nap, we had a chance to walk home and stopped at Aicha Moroccan Cuisine for a small lunch.

What an unexpected treat.

Here's J's salad, so much more spectacular than I expected.

That's peppers and onions and I'm not sure what else on the left.  Eggplant on the right.  I feel sorry for folks who, for whatever reason, won't try eggplant.  It's such a treat when cooked right.

My lentil soup was superb.  Such a mix of flavors and textures, and the lemon was perfect in it.

And J had tea which was poured from a foot above the cup.  That picture didn't turn out that well, so here's the teapot and the empty tea cup.

And the warm bread right out of the oven.

Just a small family restaurant that looked promising.  If only other promises were so well fulfilled.

The server was wonderful, they had great music, and the other folks were also enjoying their food.

If you're in San Francisco, it's at Bush and Polk.  Like stepping into another world for lunch.

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