Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Winter Isn't Over Until It's Over, But This Snow Is Pitiful

I can think of many March and April days when most snow was gone, followed by a day with enough snow to prolong winter significantly.

So, give the predictions of overnight snow,  I took a picture of our yard yesterday.  But the snow we got was barely able to cover the pile of moose poop.  The driveway was showing asphalt already.  But I did go out, just to get fresh air and exercise, to shovel what there was.   It was wet and heavy.  I suspect I could have let the above freezing temperatures do the snow clearing, but it felt good.  Clearing snow from the driveway and sidewalk is always a satisfying job.  You can see that you actually did something.    And who knows, there could be another seven inches on the ground tomorrow.  

According to Archeoastronomy  the vernal equinox is only three days off here in Alaska.  They peg it at 8:30pm Alaska time on March 19 this year.  We're already at 11 hours 54 minutes of daylight according to the Alaska Dispatch News.  Though that's a bit misleading since that really means from official sunrise to sunset and our twilights go well beyond those times.  But after Saturday, when the whole world has an equal amount of day (thus equinox), we'll have longer days than everyone to the south.  Until the next equinox in September.  

I'd also note that Chevrolet seems to have done some serious SEO (Search engine optimization), because the first page and a half of google hits for "equinox 2016' brought up a Chevy car I'd never heard of called the equinox.

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