Friday, February 20, 2015

Sam Mack And Jade Ariah Opening At UAA Art Gallery

I'm taking the easy way out tonight and offering a glimpse of an art opening at UAA this evening.  I'll figure out what to post about the Board of Regent's meeting and their 5% tuition increase and about the Tanaina Child Development Center Task Force meeting later.

Above artists Sam Mack and Jade Ariah stand in front of the gallery at the opening of their exhibit Contentment in the UAA Student Center.  At some point as people were talking about finding space where either Tanaina  or the Student Services group that is slotted to move, the art gallery was mentioned, and I said, no, no, no.  Not an option.  And as I came out of the task force meeting to find the opening happening, I understood where my instant response came from.  We need art in our lives to refocus our attention and get us thinking about what's important.  And it shouldn't be shunted off to museums only, but be right in the middle of where we pass by every day.  And it was this evening and did the trick.

Here's a closeup from Jade's Contentment Pt V.

And from Sam's  Held Heart.    I jokingly said to the artists that they should have pictures of each other in the exhibit, and Sam pointed out that she had a picture of Jade in the exhibit.

Here's the exhibit Facebook page.

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