Sunday, February 15, 2015

Grrr! Feedburner Problems - My Most Recent Post Isn't Showing Up On Blogrolls

Feedburner usually gets my posts to subscribers and to blogrolls on other blogs.  But frequently enough to bother me, it doesn't get them to the blogrolls.  Here's my latest post that isn't getting to blogrolls, though I posted it over 12 hours ago.  My fixes include:

1.  Going directly to Feedburner an giving it a manual update instruction.  Sometimes this works, and sometimes this doesn't.    This doesn't seem to be working today.

2.  Simply copying and reposting.  Sometimes this works.  But today there's already a comment on the post and if I do this and turn off the original post, that comment will be lost.  I could, I guess, copy the comment and repost it with an explanation. 

3.  Check the html for lots of extraneous code that might have been introduced when I cut and pasted something from another website.  If I get rid of the unnecesary code, sometimes that works.  But I'm never sure if it works because I got rid of the extra code, or because I reposted it.  Sometimes I've tried reposting without fixing the code and it doesn't work, and then after cleaning out the weeds in the html, and repost it works.

When I repost, I disable the original post so I don't have the same post up twice.

But options 2 and 3 both have the comment problem.  If I disable the original post, the comment goes away. 

So, I'm using this fourth option.  Talking about the problem and redirecting people to the post titled:

Why I Live Here:  Zuill Bailey, Rachel Barton Pine, Eduard Zilberkant Play Down The Street

For Anchorage folks, it tells them about a great musical opportunity tonight (Sunday Feb. 15).

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