Saturday, August 16, 2014

What Would You Do If Your Fiancé Bought Wedding Insurance?

I didn't know such a thing existed until we passed this banner last night.

How does one go about buying this insurance?  Does the couple buy it?  How do you bring this up?  "I love you and here's a fancy ring, but I bought wedding insurance just in case we change our minds"?  Does one person buy insurance without telling the other?  Does the wedding planner offer it in the wedding package?

Essentially, this sounds like bad decision insurance.  We could all use that.

"Hello, Allstate?  I just saw a really bad movie, could you send me a refund on the admission price?  Oh, and the dinner before the movie wasn't very good either."

"Geico, we've been in our new house three months now and we know it was a big mistake.  Please send our check to this new address."

"State Farm, I really thought an English major would be fantastic, but I'm graduated now and my unemployment runs out next week, so could you please refund me my tuition?"

Lots of opportunities.  "Travelers?  Look, our kids are turning 13 and 15 this year and it's clear we never should have had kids.  Could you please send the check?  Where should we drop off the kids?"

And you know how there are people who stage accidents or burn their businesses down to collect insurance?  Well, I'll bet there are guys who ask women to marry them so they can cancel and collect the insurance.

As is my wont, after writing all this, I decided to google and see what this is all about.  I was much too cynical.   Here's what Travelers' says:

Is your wedding at risk? Not to worry.
Travelers has covered customers through many wedding-day mishaps, including:
  • Postponement due to family illnesses, untimely deaths, and travel delays
  • Flowers and wedding photography that failed to arrive when promised
  • Bakers, caterers, bridal boutiques, and wedding venues that went out of business
  • No-show photographers and DJs
  • Lost or damaged wedding rings, dresses and attire
  • Damaged wedding cake, spoiled food, and other glitches in catering and entertainment
  • And more…
Travelers starts at considerably more than $300.  

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