Saturday, August 23, 2014

Tight Parking, Shoerageous, And Other Random San Francisco Shots

A grandpa trip to SF got me up at 5:45am to help feed the little guy.  The point was to give the parents a little time so sleep and do other things.  We did have him for a couple of early morning hours and then another two hours walking.  Some things are worth getting up early for.

Here are some random shots so far.

I looked at the truck and the garage and laughed.  But then I saw the woman opening the garage . . .

So I pulled out the camera.

And in she went.  It dipped down enough, barely enough, to fit.   That was last night.

Grabbing late breakfast at the Country Store after a long morning walk with the baby and the dog.  One car pulled over to comment on the dog - they also had a corgi.  Oh, yeah, and the baby's cute  too.

In the afternoon, we went to visit other friends of our son that have young babies too.  I was somewhat surprised by the crowd of people at the park on the grass.  I'm used to people  like this at the beach, but not in a park.  I thought there was a concert or something, but no, just people hanging out.  Lots of dogs and lots of babies.  And apparently alcohol is allowed in public parks here. 

I looked twice as we passed this shoe store.  Then turned around and looked again.  These shoes were paper mache, ceramics, and various other materials.  It was the Creativity Explored gallery.   

From Creativity Explored on the exhibit:
Shoes can communicate so much about the wearer: athletic, flamboyant, casual, professional. Green said, “Gerald and I got the idea for this show from looking at everyone’s shoes – all the styles and brands.” Wiggins commented on Green’s and his curatorial role: “We pick what artwork goes into the front gallery and the windows, choose the backdrops, decide on frames and arrangements – we’re in charge of the whole thing, which is really fun.”
. . . Participating artists include: Ian Adams, Zachary Adams, Antonio Benjamin, Laron Bickerstaff, Andrew Bixler, Elana Cooper, Christina Marie Fong, Joseph "J.D." Green, Nita Hicks, Camile Holvoet, Eva Jun, Hector Lopez, Berhta Otoya, Paul Pulizzano, Yolanda Remirez, Ethel Revita, Emma Reyes, Clementina Rivera, Ka Wai Shiu, Miyuki Tsurukawa, Kathy Wen, Gerald Wiggins, and Doris Yen.

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