Monday, August 11, 2014

How Moose Hide In Plain Sight

After the Republican Senatorial debate, I needed to get some exercise, so I took off on the bike trail.

There's a new detour - the bike trail is closed off - north of the sports center at UAA to UAA Drive.  But after going around, I got to Goose Lake where this duck was taking in the long slow sunset.

On the edge of the Northern Lights bike trail I saw the moose.  I stopped to take pictures and it drifted into the foliage so I could no longer see him.  If I didn't know he was there, I'd have ridden right by him, but I did know he was there.  At this point the bike trail is separated from Northern Lights Boulevard by a small strip of woods.  Another biker came and I mentioned the moose.  He turned around and headed for the light at Bragaw and crossed over to the East High School side.  I followed him.  And there was the moose just on the street side of the narrow woods.

Yes, you can find the moose in this picture, but let me give it some context.  Although it looks like I'm deep in the woods . . .

. . . I'm really on one of Anchorage's busiest roads - Northern Lights.  The cars were barreling past, and I'd guess most didn't even know he was there.  If I weren't talking about a moose here and if you hadn't seen the previous picture, I bet most of you would skip over this picture without  seeing the moose.

And if we step back a bit, you can see why most drivers would whiz by without noticing.

Oh yeah, this is right near the spot the state wants to build a road through these woods.

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