Sunday, September 29, 2013

We Leave Our Seattle Sunshine for LA Sunshine

I'm beginning to feel like a yoyo on a string that stretches from Anchorage to LA and does a pause trick now and then in Seattle.   See video below for the yoyo trick.

Seattle sunshine
Yesterday (Saturday) it rained and rained on Bainbridge.  The three boys had soccer games at different times and different places, all in the rain.  When it was time for us to head out to the ferry terminal, an easy ten minute walk, there was a lull and we went.  But soon it was raining hard and a good hearted soul stopped and offered to take us the rest of the way.  I kind of liked the feel of the cool and and wind and the rain, but I also liked the idea that someone stopped to give us a ride.

Of course, Z provided all the sunshine I needed.  She's growing fast.  Crawling around, pulling herself up to a standing position, crawling up a couple of steps, picking up little pieces of food and putting them into her mouth.  Little pieces of other things too.  And she's also a little more cautious about letting her mom get out of sight.  But so far I'm still on her ok list.  

It seemed that the ferry was a lot more crowded inside than usual, but I'm guessing it was just that all the people who normally would be outside on the deck were inside.  There were warnings about choppiness and wind making the doors tricky to open and close.  I'm pretty sure that is the Bremerton ferry headed out as we headed toward Seattle.

The six or seven blocks to the Pioneer Square train station weren't too wet and soon we were headed for the airport.  Fare control came through, but everyone on our car had a ticket or pass.

I didn't try to read on the ride this time and noticed a wide variety of religious institutions including a Chinese temple and what looked like a Thai Buddhist temple.

Once above the clouds we saw natural sunshine and this shot beckoned somewhere I figure over northern California.  It was 7:30 pm, about 90 minutes out of Seattle.

LA was warm, even in the evening - low 70s I'd guess.  And totally clear.

This morning we went over to the Mar Vista market and this blue berry tic tac toe caught my eye.  Below are some other market shots.

And here's a video of the yoyo trick these trips are making me feel like.  But it's clear our visits are good for my mom so we'll keep visiting frequently.  J's going back to help with Z in a week and I'll stay here a little longer. - Sleight from Steve Brown on Vimeo.

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