Friday, September 06, 2013

Degrading Goose Lake Skyline

If you think skylines should be buildings and other man made structures rather than mountains, then you'll be pleased with the evolving Goose Lake skyline.  There was a time when a bit of the University of Alaska Anchorage was just barely visible over the treetops.  Then the library addition went in with it's green phallic symbol on top exposed for all to see.  The science building and then the parking garage soon peeked over the treetops.  And this evening as we walked around the lake there was what looked like a factory with smokestacks rising above the trees. [Turns out it is the Science Building, not the sports center.]   The new sports center that required the flattening of acres and acres of forest and now juts up above Providence Drive to block the mountains is the only thing I could imagine the new 'factory' to be. 

Looking west from the bike trail, one could still imagine being out in the wilderness in the middle of town.  I just stood there taking pictures as the duck came closer and closer.

It's early September and one has to think about darkness again. It's a whole new feel being in the woods at twilight. 

Earlier on the walk we came across this huge chunk of soil that had been ripped off the ground felling two trees over a foot in diameter plus a dozen smaller ones.  This could be left over from last fall's ferocious winds that toppled so many trees.

I really do have much more to post, but family matters have been consuming a lot of time.  I have a number of unfinished posts that just need more time to ripen enough to post. 

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