Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Anchorage to Seattle Day 3: Haines Junction to Boya Lake

We were at the library at Whitehorse so I could post and then went to lunch nearby.

 Bridges is a small cafe with healthy food and they also take in youth from a nearby development/training program to give them job skills.  We had a great black bean soup - part was pureed but she left in some of the whole beans to give it more texture. 

 Back to the library to get the van and off down the road. 

 This metal bridge made a racket as we crossed over from Teslin, Yukon.  Below is a shot of Teslin and the bridge.

The trees are quite in full fall colors here yet.  Just starting.  

This is one of three salmon signs at the Teslin lookout point. 

 As we headed southeast toward the Cassiar Highway cutoff (just before Watson Lake) we began to get blue sky and great clouds.   We ended up at Boya Lake campground, about 60 miles from the junction of the Cassiar and Alaska Highways. 

 We've passed about six bicyclists with well loaded panniers.  Three in one group, a single, and a pair.

Doing this quickly in Dease Lake, BC at the learning center.  Sun's out again. 


  1. Were you in Anch when a French couple ran The Bridge cafe out of the old Quonset hut on Northern Lights? Your post about Bridges' bean soup, reminded me.

  2. Probably we were, but I wasn't aware of it.


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