Thursday, July 11, 2013

Why I Live Here - One Great Summer!

Our backyard thermometer read 80˚F this afternoon though I'm sure the official temperature in Anchorage didn't get that high.  We rode over to dinner in balmy weather with spectacular views.  (The fact that I still am amazed at how beautiful the mountains are here after 35 years says something.)

After dinner, it was just too nice to go straight back so we headed on to the bike trail south of Tudor. 
I thought about getting the photographer's shadow out of the picture, but then decided I'm not in the blog too often, so I left it in.  This is about 9:20 pm.  (It's 11:30 pm now and there's still some sunshine on the mountain tops.)

We stopped at a lookout over Campbell Creek where we saw salmon a couple of weeks ago.  Didn't see any tonight, but then this momma Mallard showed up with 11 ducklings.  They were much better behaved than human babies would have been.  

A little further along the sun lights up everything.  An evening when it's a joy to be alive. 

While May was cool, June was spectacular.  I missed the first week of July when I'm told it was grey and rainy.  But it's been great the last couple of days. 

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