Monday, July 15, 2013

Wet Little Magpie and Noisy Parent

We have a magpie nest in the back yard again this year.  Last time  - years ago - we were restricted by the protective parents to a small part of our yard.

Yesterday morning one of the chick was taking advantage of the sprinkler.

Then we went off to the Redistricting Board meeting and the Sunday market.

When we got home, several hours later, it was still sitting in the spray.

And Mama (or Poppa?) showed up and let me know I needed to keep my distance, as she told her baby he'd had enough water and to get back up to the nest.

[No one corrected my original spelling of magpie (magpy) but I finally caught it.  By the way, these are photos with the new camera.  These are the kinds of shots where it makes a bit difference.]

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