Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Seattle Chilly Rain Back - We Go To Flower Show

I remember being entranced by the giant flower shows in LA as a kid and have wanted to check out the one in Seattle for years.  So now I find myself a ferry ride away when the flower show began in downtown.

My childhood memories set me up for disappointment.  There was lots of stuff to see (and buy) and really big fancy displays.  I was a bit overwhelmed - there was too much going on.  It took a while before I even got my camera out.

I thought these narrow vases were cool. But you do need lots of flowers to put in them.

Here's another thin vase with calla lilies in it.  I got too many reflections on the glass, so I used the photshop colored pencil filter.  The lilies were under water in the vase.

 This booth had art pieces made out of dried fruit and vegetable slices.  I liked the kiwi.

This was the Washington Park Arboretum's display - a hobbit garden.  It won a gold medal.

Returning to rainy Bainbridge by ferry.

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