Wednesday, February 27, 2013

"I'm A Happy Lady" Famous People Born In 1913 Part IV

This is a special post in my Famous People Born in 1913.  It's the result of a chance meeting I had with Ruth Ungar Marx who turns 100 on May 26, 2013.  When she told me that I was blown away.  I'd have never guessed it.  She was out on her own taking a walk  on a rare sunny Bainbridge February day last week.  Here's the video.

 Post I gives background on the year 1913, including a link to an interesting video with a panel talking about the cultural situation of 1913.  It was very much a time of change.  

 Post II has video of the two folks that appear to still be alive (both opera singers), Risë Stevens and Licia Albanese.   It also has the list of all 44 that I chose in birth order.  So the 'oldest' born January 4, 1913, Rosa Parks, starts the list.

Post III includes short bios and images in the order of their deaths, beginning with Albert Camus (1960) and ending with William Casey (1987).  Since these posts are so long, I'll divide them up into shorter posts.


  1. I was a good friend of Ruth's when she lived in Coronado, CA. She is an inspiration to everyone. Ruth believes that life is wonderful. If today is not a good day, tomorrow will be better. She is active mentally and physically. I am a better person for knowing her. Bainbridge is lucky to have her.

  2. I know and love this amazing woman, who embodies the Flower Drum Song lyrics: "A hundred million miracles are happening every day, and those who say they don't agree are those who cannot hear or see." Thank you for posting this!


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