Thursday, February 07, 2013

Pino's Pasta At Via Rosa 11

Once in a while I go into a shop and immediately know it's special.  That happened here on Bainbridge Island when I stuck my head into Via Rosa.  It looked and smelled just right.  And when we started talking to the owner - Pino Sordello - and we had a long, wandering discussion about mushrooms.  

Pino and customer

You can buy fresh pasta and different sauces to take home and make for dinner.  There's Italian style pizza and lots of other goodies.  

For lunch at the shop we had the soup of the day, a lentil soup like I've never had before. Along with a couple slices of pizza and a baked tomato. 

It's really more for take home.  There are only a couple of places to eat there.   We took home some pasta and his special mushroom sauce for dinner.  So good.    Just look at all the freshly made pasta.

Oh yes, it's in Rolling Bay at 11201 Sunrise Drive NE,  on Bainbridge Island.  At Valley and Sunrise, across the street from the Post Office.

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