Friday, August 31, 2012

The Hitchhiker

I was riding home along 36th and was waiting for the light to change on the median between the north and south bound lanes of the New Seward Highway when I saw the hitch hiker with his thumb out and his skateboard in his other hand waiting for a ride south.

I was thinking about my days hitchhiking Europe as a student and the time I hitched to northern Wisconsin from Chicago.  Would I pick this guy up? 

Cars were whizzing by.  And then a car braked and pulled over.  A yellow cab.  The hitch hiker ran to the window and they talked.  The cabbie got out and opened the trunk.  The skateboard and a small day pack went in.  At that point I finally pulled out my camera and got this shot just after the hitchhiker got into the cab.   My light changed and I pedaled on home wondering if the cab put on the meter or not. 

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  1. I have "hich hiked" once in my life. The workers of the public transportation company were striking, therefore only a few buses, trams etc... were functioning and I was waiting in the bus stop and a lady offered me to take me to the central bus station. I hope they will never strike again, it was a nightmare, it took me 2 hours to travel ca. 9 km to school.


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