Sunday, August 12, 2012

A Year Eating Local in Anchorage

Last year a group of people scattered around Anchorage took on the challenge of eating local food for a year.  There were different levels of purity.  I don't think anyone thought they could be completely free of non-local food for a year.

Friday I stopped by the Williams Street Farmhouse which is several blocks from my home and talked to Matt Oster and Saskia Esslinger.   They've transformed a very urban city lot into a cornucopia.  They share what they've learned in classes they offer and also do consulting on home energy work (Matt does state energy audits} and on other home and garden projects (Saskia is certified in permaculture design).

They have two websites, one for the design and energy work and one for the farmhouse.

In the video you can see a bit of the garden including the chickens and hear about how they managed to live a year on local food and a couple of the exceptions to the local rule.  Can you guess?

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