Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Mary Louise Rasmuson Dies Monday at 101

I didn't know Mary Louise Rasmuson, but anyone who lives in Anchorage is directly impacted by the Rasmuson name.  My office at the university was in Rasmuson Hall.  The Anchorage Museum has Rasmuson in its name.  Of the 'old' Anchorage wealthy families, the Rasmuson family is the one that has established a major foundation that funds a large variety of people and causes.  The first time I knowingly was in the same room with Mary Louise Rasmuson was May 5 of this year when she was awarded a Meritorious Service Award from the University of Alaska Anchorage.  Here is my sketchy, from across the room, video tape of her response to receiving the award.

Here's the description for her UAA award.

Here's today's Anchorage Daily News article on Rasmuson.

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