Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Mayor Sullivan Brings Coffee To And Chats With Sidewalk Sitter John Martin

[UPDATE 3/30/12 - Hear protesters describe the Thursday night bust.]

Sometimes you are at the right place at the right time.  As I got off the bus downtown I saw that John Martin had not been ousted by the police during the night, despite the notice posted at his 'camp' in front of City Hall.  [I just posted about this in the last post.] As I said good morning to John, he told me to wait a second and there'd be some good video.

Shortly Mayor Dan Sullivan came out of the Kaladi Brothers across the street with two cups of coffee.  He gave one to John and they chatted a few minutes about homeless policy.  John had told me beforehand that he was lobbying for a homeless camp at 3rd and Gambell.

In the video, it's hard to hear John, though the mayor is a audible.  It's hard with the traffic noise.  Although I've opposed the mayor's policies on occasion, this was not done for the cameras.  I just happened to show up after he told John he'd get him a cup of coffee.

[UPDATE Aug 3, 2018:  Some of my old videos stored at Viddler no longer work.  Sorry.][UPDATE Jan 31, 2019:  The Viddler videos seem to be working again.]

Meanwhile, the Redistricting Board meeting was postponed an hour so I had time to work on this.  But I've gotta get back there.


  1. I am not usually a cynic, but.....there is an election coming up. It's sort of like Christmas Day. People will do things for others they would normally NOT do. Regardless of motive, John Martin should always have the Mayor's respect.

  2. akbright - There were no cameras around. There were no people around. I showed up on my way to the Redistricting Board meeting and John tipped me off. I waited about a minute for Sullivan to come back out of the coffee shop across the street. This was not a stunt by the mayor. If I hadn't been there it wouldn't have been recorded and not many people walked by. Was he trying to soften John and get him to take down his anti-Sullivan posters before the election? Maybe. I think it's just too easy for all of us to demonize 'the enemy.'

  3. The "lifestyle choice" talking point again...ugh.

  4. and...I am sorry to see this video before the election. It almost makes Sullivan a sympathetic character. But I can't go there because he is so very PATHETIC!

    Couldn't you have waited till AFTER the election to post this video, Steve?

  5. AA is not a one-size-fits-all-solution for homeless chronic inebriates. Sheleters mandate occupants be sober. These people are not and most likely will not be. They just need a place to call home, and John Martin cares about this issue to tough it in making our city a better place for everyone. It's complicated, I know, but I'm one person who believes it can happen -- a camp established for the homeless chronic inebriates. "All we are saying is give peace a chance." John Lennon.

  6. Jesus was homeless, wandering about while spreading the Word of God, living on handouts extended by the graciousness of others.

    Stop taking inventory of others and look deep within yourself. Are you really aligning yourself with God? Or are you just pretending? One of those modern-day self-righteous hypocrites, worshiping false idols -- coveting the almighty dollar to amass tangile things for a sense of security? At least John cares. Do you? What have you done lately to help those less fortunate than yourself?

    "Judge not lest ye be judged." Matthew 7:1


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