Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Sun and Snow - And Great Alaskan Light

As nice as the warmth and sun of LA was, Anchorage welcomed us with spectacular snow and light.

Although it had snowed while we were traveling home, by mid day the clouds were dissipating and the mountains came into view.

But first I had a driveway to shovel.  Two different neighbors came by with their snowblowers and helped out a bit in front. 

After I shoveled and the March sun did it's thing, the driveway was looking much better, though it still had a lot of packed down snow that I'll be chipping at for a few more days.

And we saw evidence of all the snow that puts this year into the top 3 or 4 in total snowfall (with March and April still to go.)

At the post office, there was a pile of snow behind a fence.

And here's the snow that Costco's been clearing from its parking lot.

Earlier in the day I'd biked over to the Thai Kitchen and here's one of the empty side streets I rode home on.  A real contrast from the crowded LA streets I'd been negotiating.

We've never had this much snow at our house before.  The mailbox is almost buried in the snow.  People are beginning to worry about breakup with all this snow.  Good years give us dry, sunny, windy weather that evaporates the water from the snow.  We'll see.

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