Tuesday, March 27, 2012

John Martin Back Camped In Front Of City Hall

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[I set the timer wrong for this, it was supposed to be posted earlier.  Sorry.]

After the redistricting board meeting I walked past City Hall and saw a small encampment and John Martin.  I'd videoed John at the Assembly meeting when they passed the law to prevent sitting on the sidewalk downtown because John had been camped in front of City Hall and the mayor didn't like it.

After the anti-sitting-on-the-sidewalk ordinance bill was passed, John said, they allowed him to pitch his tent on the Park Strip, but they took it away recently and now he's back at City Hall.  When I mentioned the law and asked if he could still stay here, he pointed to the notice, which expired March 25.

The video is very short since I ran out of room on my sound card.

We'll see if he's still here tomorrow.


  1. APD needs to enforce this law better. Why are they waiting to haul his ass off to jail instead of letting so much time go by while we have to endure this eyesore day in and day out. What a waste of taxpayers' money, of which Martin does not contribute. He can rot in jail for all I care, and it'll probably cost us less than a wet homeless camp anyway!

  2. I wonder if this person has a job? If he doesn't, there's plenty of work available in North Dakota. For an able-bodied man, work should always be part of his lifestyle equation. Having a job and a roof over your head is a hell of a lot better than living that way!!!


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