Thursday, April 02, 2009

Thai Elephant Conservation Center Hospital in Lampang and the Nursery (Part 2)

For anyone who wanted to see more of JP's research on elephant self recognition in mirrors, here's a link to the published article with videos . And here's another link to his interview on National Public Radio.

Can you see the Thai word for elephant hospital in both signs? I ask that only because most people just see seemingly impossible script, but if you look closely, you can see the letters. The last three letters of the top line of both pictures is 'elephant' - ช้าง. "Chang" The little up above means it's high tone. Note also that letters look a little different in different fonts. The letters in front of ช้าง spell hospital.

Below is a list of the names of the elephants in the hospital when we were there on Wednesday. I would have photoshopped the three pictures together, but the final picture would have been way too small to read anything.

As it is you may want to double click to enlarge the pictures.

Owner indicates how the elephant got here. Anyone can send their sick elephant here for treatment. Confiscated seems to include Burmese elephants that somehow got into Thailand.

You probably have to enlarge this one, but it's the list of reasons
why each elephant is in the hospital.

This one was the most obviously injured. Probably this was a logging accident.

So this isn't the last picture you see here, here are some pictures from the elephant nursery.

This baby was four months old if I recall correctly.

And this one was eight months old.


  1. I liked reading the list of reasons the elephants were there, except so much emaciation.
    Reminds me of Maggie the Elephant at PAWS now.

  2. Aahh. I love this post. Wonderful. I am glad to hear that there is a place for such wonderful creatures.

  3. I wish i was an elephant because they are so cute

  4. hello elephants i love you guys


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