Thursday, April 23, 2009

Indigenous People's Global Summit - Thursday - Q&A

Questions to the previous panelists.

1. In French: Many indigenous people especially people of the forest do not know that they are represented. Please help get the information out.

2. In Spanish: We need to understand and acknowledge indigenous peoples organizations and I would like to denounce that you have not provided the answers to the questions I've requested:

Please ask your question:

Are the policies about the forests legally binding?

Answers - Terrance

Charles: Who was being denounced? Not clear. I asked you many times to visit our discussions. Sincere apologies, if I've overlooked something I apologize. I wasn't aware of the problem. Question about Sudan with regard to China, China is a country we are dealing with. I appreciate youre alerting us if we do work with China.

About getting message to national governance about needs of indigenous people. In collaboration with World Bank, working with the bank. There was a joint mission with DRC (?) where we were able to bring local community voices right into the discussion between the government and local people. We think we can play such a role.

Joseph: Thank all the speakers. Comments.
1. Human rights - frustrations there. UN tendency to develop any problem, the UN declaration needed to have indigenous people at the beginning, not just at implementation. In Africa, but indigenous people not on board. Failure of UN. Need to find way to address it.
2. Serious conflict in Africa, due to resources. Implementation will be done on indigenous people's territories. What matters putting in place to insure local people will be direct beneficiaries? Indigenous people are the poorest of the poor. Minorities in most countries. We don't want to become victims of these programs.
3. Thank the UN Gen Assembly President. Yesterday shocking when agency said could not adopt. All most adopt. Appreciate person from Greenland.
4. When we talk about capacity building - UN, World Bank, and others need to be taught about indigenous people - they have no idea how we are coping.

Humble request - never hide behind governments. Never tell us you are a government institution. Bring government to the table and bring indigenous people to the table.

Nina (Indonesia): Many of seek long term change for the better in our countries. How do you support better change in policy and behavior in ten years.

Tanzania - Want to underscore the importance of including indigenous people at the grassroot level, at the beginning. I participated in Philippines, but when I went back home there was nothing.

Response: Greenland - we have contacted the government of Denmark that indigenous people need to be included. But I cannot guarantee. We need everyone's support.
Vicky- ask Danish government to ask Patricia to present. We will have an indigenous people's day.
Jackie - During the course of the meeting hard to find space, so we have offered them space in downtown Copenhagen and invite you to organize meetings there. We would be very happy to have you there. In a practical and political way, I will - Europe will play a critical role and in mu role as head of an agency I will make sure your concerns will be brought to their attention at the meetings. They would be horrified if they thought their solutions were causing more problems on the ground.
Charles: Thanks to reps from Tanzania about not being involved. Two leaders like yourselves not being involved is a huge oversight and I will check on why. I take your point that the UN needs capacity building. Point about not hiding behind governments - understood and need your help on the policy board. Ask for your engagement with the indigenous peoples guidelines.
Indonesia's questions - others can talk about various programs, but also possibility if governments engage in REDD pilot, that there will be benefits for local people.
REDD = Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation in Developing Countries

OK, my fingers are dying here, but this should give a sense of the questions and responses.

Talking about translations into many languages now for projects. Not sure who is talking or what organizations he's talking about.

Indigenous Peoples Global Summit on Climate Change (click link for all the posts on the summit)

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