Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Less Redacted Version of Internal FBI Complaint

Here, thanks to Legal Times, is the less redacted version of, now in court identified, FBI Special Agent Chad Joy's internal complaint document. Click the link for my earlier analysis of this document (in the more redacted version). [you can magnify the document if you scroll over the down arrow on the toolbar of the scribd box below then click on the plus (+) sign.]

Whistle Blower Complaint 2

There are quite a few more names visible here - basically his and the agent he complained about most, Mary Beth Kepner. He clearly did not like her or how she operated. While there are a number of allegations that probably do violate rules if proven - ie. telling her husband things about work - these are probably violations that occur frequently in many households. Other allegations seem pretty bizarre - that Mary Beth Kepner wore a skirt as a surprise for Bill Allen when he was testifying in the Ted Stevens case, but she never wears skirts.

I'm afraid I don't have time to go into this more.

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  1. This is useless without pictures. Is Hef soliciting the babe for a photo op in his mag? I think he needs to do a layout, "Babes of the FBI." Mary Beth Kepner will be the next Sarah Palin. She'll have a talk show and bring people on board by telling them that they are getting an award and surprise: THEY ARE ON NATIONAL TV!

    Why do they do a shock room and instead just tell the person that they have evidence and show it to them? Why the grand standing? They are the FBI. Isn't that bad enough?


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