Friday, August 01, 2008

Wat Alaska Yana Vararam - Log Cabin Buddhist Temple

Ben at Thai Kitchen has been asking me to go with him to meet the Abbot at the Thai Budhist Temple. So today we went. Note the blue sky. It was a very nice summery day. Finally.

Phramaja (a title for monks) Boonnet is one of a few monks who is here in Anchorage at this wat (temple).

Phramaja Lertsak is the monk I was there to meet. He got his PhD in India and speaks good English. We talked about a lot of things including the possibility of his lecturing on Buddhism at UAA or APU. He has followers in Thailand who want to build a wat for him, but he told me that he wanted to learn more about the world outside of Thailand first as well as work on his inner learning.

This is the room for meditation and and prayer.

In one part of the wat are large framed pictures that tell the story of the life of Buddha.

At 11 am everyday members of the wat bring food for the monks. Today was the Thai Kitchen's day to bring food as did another community member. Thai monks do not eat after noon, though they can drink water or fruit juice.

There is also a library with books in Thai and in English on Buddhism. They gave me a book on the wat.

The wat has been there since 1996, but is well hidden on D St right near C St. and Fireweed. The booklet says there's morning and evening chanting and meditation at 8am and 8pm that is open to the public.

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  1. Well here in Hungary there are not many Buddhists however if I really wanted maybe I could find shops, temples about it.


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