Monday, August 04, 2008

Resurrection Bay Cruise

Blogger seems to be having a problem with uploading photos. Glad I got yesterday's up this morning. Doug and I cruised Resurrection (there's resurrection and insurrection, but I've never heard of or can find through google just plain 'surrection') Bay out of Seward today while J walked and hung out in Seward (she doesn't do well on boats.) Clouds dominate Seward today, but only a short drizzle on the boat. Imagine stunning pictures of green water, green and brown mountains, and grey clouds.

[10pm: The photo uploading problem is over here are the pics.]

The view from the boat coming out of the Seward boat harbor.

Inside the boat

The lunch buffet

Getting close up to the rocks

This company - Major Marine Tours - has an agreement with the National Park Service so there were rangers on board giving information on the area. Here Doug is looking at a jar with plankton that had been scooped up from the water. Part of the tour goes through Kenai Fjords National Park.

I know, the puffin is barely visible, but I thought the water had a nice pattern to it.

This is a kittiwake rookery

On our way back. Although it was cloudy it only rained a few drops and the sea was very calm. We saw puffins (tufted and horned), sea lions, harbor seals, mountain goats, otters (one with an octopus, one with a crab, and one with a baby), bald eagles, and various other birds. We didn't see any whales or dolphins.

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