Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Mekong Cruise Part 2

Dinner in Pak Bang after the first day of boating with the Tosas and Nellie, the French nurse.

The main street of Pak Bang the next morning early before getting on the second boat for the rest of the trip to Huey Xai, on the Lao side of the Mekong.

In the Pak Bang market before getting on the boat.

A boat along the river.

We stopped several times at villages to unload cargo. Here we just stopped at the rocks. People came down from the village and carried things up to the village. Most of the stuff was from China, everything from rings to put pots over a fire to huge bags of noodles.

On the left side of the boat is Laos, on the right side is Thailand, since the border is in the middle of the Mekong.

Sunset before reaching Huey Xai.

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