Thursday, March 01, 2007

Back to Kamphaengphet

We got up in a very pleasantly cool Umphang. Had breakfast, then signed the school guest book. Mark and Noy (see earlier post for picture) joined us in the van to Maesot. Mook was extremely busy so he couldn't pick us up, but he arranged for someone else to get us in Maesot. We stopped in Tak to visit Idiris' wife and three daughters. It is hard to start talking to someone when someone has recently died, but we quickly were talking. His oldest daughter recently got back from several months in New York. The second daughter studied in France (like her father), and the third daughter is studying in Miami. We first met them when they were little girls and they got along great with our daughter. It was a sad occasion today, but it was good to see them all again. Then back in the car the rest of the way to Kamphaengphet where we met Mook at his office, washed up quickly, put on some cleaner clothes and went to the wedding of the son of a teacher in the school I used to teach at in the Peace Corps. Now we are pretty tired and ready to sleep. Tomorrow Mook and Aew are driving us back to Korat and will stay a night to have a mini-vacation.

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