Saturday, March 03, 2007

Catching up

We visited Idiris' wife and three daughters on the way back from
Umphang. It was good to visit them, but we missed Idiris not being there with us. All these people I know because once upon a time I was a Peace Corps volunteer. Only in spirit. The girls are all now adults - two studied/study in the US and one in France. Then a wedding in KKP. Friday we went to the old school, visited Mook's parents, and Gersin's mother. Gersin was working in
Guangzhou when we were in HK and who vistied now and then and who we
visited in Guangzhou. He died of an aneurism in September. His mother is 95 and is still wokring in the market.

Then we got ready to drive back to Korat. Mook and Raksana took us.
But just as we were getting things into the car, their dog got loose
from the chain and bit Joan in the leg. We went to the clinic where
they cleaned it, gave her antibiotics, and gave her a rabies shot.
She will have two more. One Monday, then next Friday. They don't do
it in the stomach any more. The dog did have rabies shots last
August, but the doctor said it was better to be sure. They will also
watch the dog to see it doesn't get sick. Joan felt good yesterday morning - there was no pain and things are getting better. There were a couple of puncture
wounds. Joan and Mook and Raksana went to visit old Khmer ruins nearby yesterday while I was in class. Today one of the students picked us up at 7:15am to hear Thai classical music at his gold shop in downtown Korat. Maybe I'll find some time to download the pictures and video and post them. Despite the early hour, it was a very nice way to start the day. A group of men mostly over 50 I would guess, who get to make music together a couple times a week. I'm early for class today, so can post this quickly.

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