Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Where the hell are they?

I figured it was time to give you a sense of where all we are. We started in Delhi - upper left/middle of the map.

1 - trip to Amritsar and back (train)

2 - to Agra (Taj Majal) (by car)

3 - to Bharatpur (bird sanctuary)

4 - to Jaipur (I'll try to post pics, but this computer is slow)

5 - to Pushkar - the holy lake - then back to Jaipur and Delhi

6 - fly to Kochi (was Cochin) (with a stop in Mumbai (was Bombay) taxi two hours to Kummarakom for two nights, then back up to Kochi where we are now. About 4 hours flying time total.

7 - tomorrow we are scheduled to fly to Goa with a stop in Bangalore. We'll relax at the beach for 6 days there.

8 - fly to Mumbai, we immediately drive to Aurangabad on Nov 27 to see the Ellora and Ajanta caves nearby

Then back to Delhi on Nov 30 and leave for LA on Dec. 1 at 11:35pm if all goes well

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  1. Hi Steve and Joan:
    On your question "If no one reads it, is it profound?" Or something like that... Well, I read parts of it and I (we) enjoy it and it seems to me (us), quite profound! Thank you very much. Well, it almost is too much to read; maybe you ought to release a kindergarten edition for those of us who read only captions or photo subject matter.

    Glad you and Joan are enjoying yourselves. Take care.
    Joe Senungetuk, Anchorage


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