Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Stamp collector, House names

As we walked back from the bird sanctuary in Kummarakom, a young man asked - as does everyone else - "What country?" The short story is that he collects stamps and so here's his address. If you have old stamps from envelopes sent to you, send them to him. Geeno is the one in the middle in back in the blue shirt, with his aunt, uncle, cousin, mother, and grandmother.

Geeno P. Teny
Kumarakom PO

The Para... is a 'housename'. Someone else mentioned housenames to us. We also heard a little bit about housenames in China. If anyone knows more about house names, post a comment and enlighten us all.


  1. House names are basically a way of identification for the houses in Kerala. They don't have house numbers, just names to identify houses by. If you give the local mailman the house name, he will be able to tell you exactly where it it is.

  2. Hey, Alex, thanks for the info. Glad to see you found the blog.


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