Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Keoladeo National Park

Here are some pictures from the park.
Our guide was Satto (pronounced Shatto) and he warmed up to us slowly and the second day we went looking for the night jar
the owl. You can tell which one is the owl. The other is the nightjar. And there is an antelope.

While I'm waiting for the pictures to download, I want to tell you about camels. We've moved into camel territory and we shared the road yesterday (two lane highway)with trucks, busses, bikes, motorcycles, horse carts, and lots and lots of camel carts. And people were passing three abreast. Our driver is extremely cautious, which is good. And he wears his seatbelt all the time, and stays within the 80km (about 48mph) speedlimit.

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