Thursday, November 17, 2016

The Anchorage Assembly Has As Many Returned Peace Corps Volunteers (RPCVs) As The Next Congress

An email from the National Returned Peace Corp Volunteer group notes:
"With the retirement of Congressman Sam Farr (D-CA) in January, and the defeat of Congressman Mike Honda (D-CA) on Tuesday night, just two RPCVs are left in Congress, the lowest level of representation in almost 40 years. More Peace Corps champions are needed—let's enlist them."

In comparison, the 12 member Anchorage Assembly has two volunteers as well - Forrest Dunbar in  Kazakhstan and Pete Petersen, who served in the Dominican Republic.

We probably shouldn't be surprised.  As noted in a previous post, Alaska is tied as the state with the third highest number of returned Peace Corps volunteers in the country.

[Regular readers:  I have eight drafts in my blogspot list of posts just since November 11.  These are posts I started but weren't finished.  They are thoughts I want to pursue, but need to do more work on, but I didn't want to forget.  Some will get completed.  Others will probably never get posted.   There are a dozen more still in my head.  Yesterday was a travel day and getting an enthusiastic greeting from my granddaughter reminds me of my priorities.  My grandson and his family arrive in a few days.  So some of my posts my be shorter - like this one and the last two.  Just a brief observation.  And I suspect for many readers, short posts will be a relief.]

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