Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Trump And The Arts

Prediction:  The period beginning roughly in 2017 will be known in the future for its burst of artistic creativity in music, literature, poetry, painting, graffiti, and all other forms of human creativity.


  1. Clearly you do not envision this as a response to a patronage of the arts by Mr. Trump. So I can only assume that you see it as a response by the artistic community to a Trump presidency, in the way that James C. Scott has discussed the issue.
    You might well be correct. But there is a contrary view, as put forth by Prof Helena Flam. Prof Flam argues that the history of Central Europe runs counter to this notion, and that "where there are autonomous spaces and cultures of dissent, citizens display apathy and protesters start out with much anxiety and caution, afraid to provoke the anger of the powerful".
    I can only hope that your prediction is the correct one.

    1. Steven, I didn't know Scott or Flam and I haven't had time to understand their thinking yet. But I'd venture to say there are stages before protest art is stamped out. And the US has a history of free speech that Central Europe never had. And I recall from my days in Thailand that there were unexpected spaces for dissent. Foreign films then were dubbed live in the theaters and the dubbers took the opportunity to make politically sensitive comments as part of the dialogue. I'm putting up a post later called Seriously? which is an example of what I was predicting.


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