Sunday, November 27, 2016

AIFF2016: All The Other Films In Competition

Generally, I've got posts on the films in competition for the major categories up this close to the festival opening, but only the shorts and super shorts categories have had those films 'in competition' marked on the AIFF website.  So I checked today and got the lists.

I'll put up fuller descriptions of each category's films in competition in the next few days, or at least as many as I can.  Shorts and Super Shorts I've already done.  For now, here are the lists:

  • Demimonde (Hungary)
  • Donald Cried (USA) 
  • First Girl I Loved (USA)
  • Heredity (Columbia) 
  • Planet Outtakring (Austria) 
  • Youth in Oregon (USA) 

Documentary Shorts
  • I’ll Wait Here (Austria) 
  • Pickle (USA) 
  • Starring Austin Pendleton (USA) 
  • The BlindSide (India) 

Feature-Length Documentaries
  • Best and Most Beautiful Things (USA)
  • Drokpa (China)
  • Goodbye Darling, I’m Off to Fight (Italy) 
  • SHU-DE! (USA)
  • Happy Lucky Golden Tofu Panda Dragon Good Time Fun Fun Show (USA)
  • The Cinema Travellers (India)
  • The Slippers (USA) 

  • Murderous Tales (Czech Republic)
  • Green Light (South Korea)
  • A Space in Time (France)
  • Adija (USA)
  • Alike (Spain) 
  • Arrival: A Short Film by Alex Myung (USA) 
  • Hum (USA) 
  • Just Like it Used to Be (USA) 
  • My Life I Don't Want (Myanmar) 
  • Pearl (United Kingdom, USA) 
  • Red (Iran) 
  • Under the Apple Tree (Netherlands) 

  • Alaska's Mind-Blowing Aurora
  • Find Me
  • I am Yupik
  • Interior
  • Speaking from the HeART
  • Super Salmon
  • Il Campione (The Champion) (Italy)
  • Like a Butterfly (USA)
  • Thunder Road (USA)
  • My Mom and The Girl (USA)
  • Gorilla (USA)
  • Curmudgeons (USA)

  • How To Lose Weight in 4 Easy Steps (USA)
  • Death$ in a $mall Town (USA)
  • 20 Matches (USA)
  • A Reasonable Request (USA)
  • A Magician (UK)
  • On Time (USA)

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