Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Snow Chutes and Terrorism

Now and then I suddenly get a spike of hits for old posts that haven't seen much attention for a while.  Here are two good ones from 2012 that have been getting hits yesterday and today.

People going to the snow chute post seem to be mostly from the northeast.  I wonder why?  It's got some pictures and video of my using the snow chute I bought from a student long ago.  Her father invented it.  It's so simple,clever, and effective - a combination I love - but I don't think any are for sale now.

The other one - Is Terrorism a Hate Crime? - compares the two concepts.  Not sure what's causing that one to suddenly start getting hits.  Hate crimes and terrorism have been ongoing since I posted it.  The post looks in detail at the contradiction of folks who want to go after terrorists but argue there is such a thing as a hate crime.


  1. I'm going to venture a guess that the murder of 3 Muslim students in North Carolina might have something to do with the spike in activity on the hate crime/terrorism thing.

    Definitely a hate crime.

  2. Snow chutes? Northeast?

  3. Joe, I didn't make the connection to the shooting. Thanks. I did link (On "I wonder why?) to the CNN story in the post already. I know you don't expect sarcasm here, but that isn't aimed at anyone, except, perhaps, myself.

  4. As I have made mention to you before,

    ...more and even sharper sarcasm wouldn't hurt one bit.


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