Sunday, September 08, 2013

Trying Out My New Head

I asked J to get me my other head this morning.  I did a lot of research online before picking it.  It has the bayonet attachment, rather than the screw on. With the screw on heads some folks said if you don't start it right you could be facing backward when it's screwed in all the way.  There's another kind with a zipper but it didn't get good reviews.  It can get floppy. 

I was ready to get up but my eyes really didn't want to open fully and so the other head seemed a good option.  It's been resting a few days and should be wide awake and fresh and ready for anything.   The manual, which is built in, says I can set it for cheerful and optimistic and erase all the nagging chores I need to do and block out all news of current events. It will give me a totally fresh outlook - maybe it will even be sunny out when I'm wearing that head.  I got the tech app for it too, so I should be able to figure out my phone, my camera, and all the programs on my computer. 

This post is unrelated to the fact that I'm reading Oliver Sacks' Hallucinations.  So far I've only read about Charles Bonnet Syndrome (CBS) which only affects blind people.  Though it may have been influenced by Anonymous' comment on the last post about hoping to have some reflection time over the weekend.

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