Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Anchorage to Seattle Day 2: Fall Walk To Hidden Lake Tetlin National Wildlife Refuge

[At Yukon Public Library in Whitehorse]

 It's Fall up here!  This is on the road at Tetlin National Wildlife Refuge right near the Canadian Border.

We stopped at Hidden Lake trail - 2 miles round trip - for a bit of morning exercise before what seemed like the inevitable rain came.

We grazed on blueberries, cranberries, and sweet ripe rose hips. 

click to enlarge
At the lake, Joan spotted in the binoculars a large moose way on the other side.  By the time a got the telephoto lens on, it had hidden in the trees.  You can barely see her in this picture. 

Here are some other shots along the trail.


A little down the road is the Refuge Visitor Center which closes after September 15 and we were there September 16.  But the view was still available.
There was a reminder that Washington DC's reach is far.  I don't think cutting back on the hours here is too big a loss.  It's nice and should be available, but it's not essential to be open longer.

And more spectacular view along the road. 

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